Nuno Santos

Technical Designer / Gameplay Programmer

I am a Technical Designer/Gameplay Programmer with over 3 years of professional experience in which I have worked on two shipped games where I acted as Technical Designer, Port Programmer and Generalist Programmer.

Strong at C#, C++ (Unity/Unreal Engine), Python and Lua, I have also excellent communication and documentation skills and I am experienced at designing and scripting highly flexible/reusable systems and tools for various aspects of game design.

Ever since I saw my brother’s Sega Master System connected to the TV displaying these strange wonderful interactive worlds, I knew that gaming would have a pivotal role in my life.

Throughout the years and the countless hours invested in playing all types of videogames, I have developed a keen sense of understanding and sensibility towards the videogame genre. My education also played a part in developing key transversal skills that contribute to my professional success.